About Us

On a mission to serve scrumptious burgers paired with exotic cocktails and delectable desserts at every meal, Bethpage Burger Bar has been a New York favorite ever since our grand opening in 2020.

Visit Bethpage Burger Bar when you want to enjoy a hearty meal with loved ones in a pleasant ambiance!

Established as a family-friendly diner where variety in food and drinks is always in abundance, Bethpage Burger Bar serves recipes for beautiful memories our esteemed guests create while savoring delicious food and shakes with their family and friends.

While the focus remains on introducing new and traditional burger recipes to your table at every visit, we do not hold back in delivering a mood-changing, celebration-worthy combination of a full-course meal and eclectic beverages that blend like fireworks.

So, visit Bethpage Burger Bar and experience an unmatched dining experience!